Leopard Blog

The Namibia Issue

The surprising beauty of Namibia. A couple of friends recently spent their Easter weekend in Nambia and, as we were discussing their holiday, I was reminded of Nambia’s intense beauty. My friend, a Lithuanian, said she found it a surprising country and I think this a good way to describe it. A few weeks after

The South Africa Issue

Why your next holiday should be South Africa. To start, the entire country is breathtakingly beautiful: it has rugged bushveld, the soaring Drakensberg mountains, miles of beaches, dense forests, spectacular deserts and lush, sub-tropical coastal areas. It is also incredibly diverse — in its people, food, languages (there are 11 official languages), climate, landscapes and

The First Issue

March and April are my favourite months of the year to visit South Africa. The full heat of summer is easing off, but the days are still long and warm. If you are in the northern and eastern parts of the country the bush is still green and lush from summer rains. Of course there are other

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