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The December Issue

2019: A Year in Review. First of all, thank you! To my small but bright community of newsletter readers, thank you for keeping in touch with Leopard each month through this newsletter. It means a lot that you choose to stay. This year has been nothing short of incredible. I am so grateful that every day

The Luxury Lodge Issue

The best luxury safari lodges in Kruger. It would be impossible to start this newsletter without mentioning South Africa’s joyous victory at the Rugby World Cup in Japan this month. It meant so much more for the country than just the trophy.  Last month, I visited some of the best luxury lodges in Kruger National Park and

The Food & Wine Issue

Indulge in South Africa’s best restaurants and wines. Before starting this newsletter, I want to say, I am *very* excited about the November newsletter! I visited eleven luxury safari lodges in Kruger and Greater Kruger during October and have a full review and video to share with you next month, so keep an eye on your inbox. This month,

The Trail Runners Issue

Trail run and mountain bike your way around South Africa. There are many ways to enjoy a country, and South Africa caters to a multitude of traveller tastes, but it is particularly good for those who like trail running and mountain biking holidays. With an unbeatable climate and exceptional terrain, trail runners and mountain bikers will

The Self Drive Safari Issue

Our favourite affordable self drive safaris in South Africa. This month we had clients doing a self drive safari in Kruger. Being retired, and seasoned travellers, the small group had plenty of time to enjoy the slower pace of a self drive safari. It is one of the best ways to experience South Africa’s national parks if you have time, a

7 tools to start your business now Starting a business was one of the hardest, most exciting and most important things I’ve done. The other was becoming a mother. The two have a lot in common actually. In both cases you cannot describe the experience of becoming a business owner or mother to someone who

The Summer Holiday Issue

Is there anything better than a summer holiday in winter? While it is winter in the southern hemisphere, those of you in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the summer months. This month, we escaped the South African winter to spend a few glorious weeks in the south of France. The heat was intense and the cigales (cicadas)

The Friends Issue

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles — Tim Cahill. This month I went to my high school reunion in the beautiful Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands. In the many years that have passed since we graduated together, our bonds have remained as strong and deep as ever. It was wonderful to spend


Leopard is featured in the National Geographic Traveller. I am so proud to tell you that Leopard is featured in the National Geographic Traveller Africa Collection. It feels like a dream to be featured in a publication of this stature. When I was growing up, in the days before the internet, we had an extensive collection

The Namibia Issue

The surprising beauty of Namibia. A couple of friends recently spent their Easter weekend in Nambia and, as we were discussing their holiday, I was reminded of Nambia’s intense beauty. My friend, a Lithuanian, said she found it a surprising country and I think this a good way to describe it. A few weeks after

The South Africa Issue

Why your next holiday should be South Africa. To start, the entire country is breathtakingly beautiful: it has rugged bushveld, the soaring Drakensberg mountains, miles of beaches, dense forests, spectacular deserts and lush, sub-tropical coastal areas. It is also incredibly diverse — in its people, food, languages (there are 11 official languages), climate, landscapes and

The First Issue

March and April are my favourite months of the year to visit South Africa. The full heat of summer is easing off, but the days are still long and warm. If you are in the northern and eastern parts of the country the bush is still green and lush from summer rains. Of course there are other

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