What is your idea of the perfect holiday?

I like a combination of relaxation & adventure as well as good food. Perfect would be somewhere in a naturally beautiful place where I can relax on a quiet, idyllic beach but also have the option of hiking/snorkelling/doing something adventurous to earn all that gelato or pizza I might like to eat. I like going off the beaten track a bit too, trying to go to places that are not mainstream touristy & really immerse myself in the culture & way of life.

What has been your best holiday so far, and why?

Probably Sardinia in Italy. It’s actually an island off of Italy. It’s not grossly touristy & if you head over in the shoulder season like September/October, it is dead quiet, still lovely & warm & beautiful. It has the clearest ocean I’ve ever seen in my life. My husband & I have been a few times, we hike on mostly isolated trails from beach to beach. Swim/snorkel/ lie in the sun & then hike to the next one & repeat. You can also rent a boat without a license on your own & boat from beach to beach….anchor up, swim to shore, lie in the sun, repeat. It really is idyllic. One has to recharge the batteries so a gelato a day is a must & who doesn’t like authentic Italian food?

Where is your next trip? 

I’m currently in South Korea and head to Miyazaki in Japan tomorrow. It’s my 3rd trip to Japan this year & its one of my very best places to travel – the people, the food & the combination of ultra high tech & ancient culture/tradition. A very special place!