Phathu and Ruta (who emigrated from Lithuania) share a home in Johannesburg, South Africa. Phathu’s high-pressure corporate position hasn’t affected his passion for travelling with Ruta, a passion that wasn’t curbed by the arrival of their little boy, just adapted.

With a toddler in tow, the definition of a perfect holiday has changed somewhat as a combination of nature and small towns have become preferable to holidays in iconic cities. A week with a bit of nature, child-friendly outings to parks, zoos, museums and concerts plus some dining that caters to toddlers fits the bill these days. Phathu jokingly adds that the benefit of all that sight-seeing is a tired youngster who is a little calmer at dinner and tucks in for a good night’s sleep nice and early.

Whilst the couple enjoyed plenty of travelling as a twosome, one of Phathu and Ruta’s best holidays is a recent trip to Namibia they took as a family. The small town of Swakopmund offered a quiet retreat with enough activities in close proximity to keep a child from getting bored. In their experience, hiring a car not only gave the family the flexibility to day trip to the famous Dune 7 and Walvis Bay but also served as convenient storage space to make up for the lack of room in the smaller lodgings. As any parent will testify, toddlers don’t travel light.

Next on the cards is a trip to Cape Town, a short flight from Joburg with the ideal combination of spectacular views, world-class dining and child-friendly locations.

Because nobody travels quite like Phathu and Ruta.

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