What is your idea of the perfect holiday?

At this point with a toddler, the perfect holiday for us is a combination of nature/small town holiday, definitely not a city holiday. Ideally 5-7 days with a bit of nature (beach, mountains) and active outdoor activities, child friendly sightseeing – parks, zoo, outdoor museum, child friendly concerts etc, kids friendly casual restaurants for dinners. It is important to get the toddler properly tired so that they can stay still and enjoy their dinner and have a good night sleep. Hopefully turning in early.

What has been your best holiday so far, and why?

As a family of 3, the best holiday so far was Namibia. We stayed in Swakopmund which is a small town, so easy to do things with a child, great service, hired car gave us flexibility to see Dune 7 and Walvis Bay. We find that having a car is great for increasing flexibility but also just as a storage space because hotel rooms can be small for 3 people and all the equipment that comes with having a toddler.

Where is your next trip?

Our next trip as a family is to Cape Town for New Years.