What is your idea of the perfect holiday?

Being keen wildlife enthusiasts means that the ideal holiday for us has to involve interesting and special sightings of birds and mammals. In combination with the wildlife aspects of a trip an ideal holiday would include experiencing different cultures and venturing to less well travelled places. This makes Africa an ideal destination for us with its amazing bird life, truly spectacular mammals and interesting cultures.

What has been your best holiday so far, and why?

In 2018 we did a wildlife trip to through Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. It was one of the most special trips we have been on. It was in April and everything was green and lush and all the animals had babies. We saw and photographed Bat-eared Fox and Jackals with cubs, Lions on kills and with cubs, leopards prowling in daylight, and thousands of Wildebeest on migration in the Serengeti. In Rwanda we hiked the forest to see the Mountain Gorillas with great views of a big male silverback. His hands were so amazingly like ours and the intelligence in his eyes was breathtaking. We also found the cultural aspects of the trip very interesting. Starting in Zanzibar we managed to do a guided walking tour of the old town and learn some of its slave trade history and enjoyed a tour of a spice farm. We were fortunate to spend some time in the Rwanda Genocide Memorial, which was extremely moving and horrific at the same time. I had to go outside for a quiet cry! So the trip had all the elements – amazing wildlife and interesting culture, all of which is so different to Australia.

Where is your next trip?

Our next trip is to Bhutan – another fantastic wildlife and cultural combo!