March and April are my favourite months of the year to visit South Africa.

The full heat of summer is easing off, but the days are still long and warm. If you are in the northern and eastern parts of the country the bush is still green and lush from summer rains. Of course there are other great times to visit, such as spring time to witness the bush come alive with baby birds and animals and also to experience the whales in Hermanus, one of life’s most remarkable encounters. But I find there is something exciting about autumn and the slow change of season into winter. 

Being in the initial start up phase of the business, I’ve had the luxury of time to spend thinking about what makes this region so unique. There is so much that I want to share with visitors to Southern Africa that the hardest thing was to distil it down to the essence. I think I’ve managed to capture all my absolute favourites into these 7 inspiring suggestions for your next trip to Southern Africa. 

One of my clients recently did 3 week road trip from Addo Elephant National Park to Cape Town. He shared some amazing footage of huge herds of elephants which I made into a short video you can view here. One of the reasons I created Leopard, alongside the opportunity to share my love of Africa with others, is to create a small net positive impact in South Africa. Tourism, especially in wilderness areas such as Addo, helps fund the preservation of these magnificent animals for generations to come.

To end this inaugural newsletter, I wanted to thank you for being here. You are my Day One people. For non-millennial’s this means you are here at the start of my journey! I appreciate that so much, and look forward to what the future may hold.

Happy travelling!

March is my favourite time of year to visit South Africa.

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